Day Care/ Boarding/ Grooming

Vacations are the time when we relax ourselves from our busy schedules. Similarly, our furry friends also need vacation. It is very important as it reduces their stress and anxiety levels. Send your babies on an exciting vacation here, where they can relax. We provide

  • Home-Style boarding
  • 100% home cooked food
  • Temperature controlled Spacious rooms
  • 24*7 Dog Handlers
  • Open spaces for the dogs to play
  • Safe and Eco-friendly toys
  • Interaction with other dogs (Socialization)

Our intent is to give your babies a Home-style dog boarding experience, dogs are given the liberty to hop around on the sofas and play all over. What is better than a cageless pet-boarding facility for your dog? We have open spaces for the dogs where they can run, play and enjoy. Our trainers spend time with them teaching them basic things. They do agility training also. The dogs are cleaned and brushed daily by our handlers. In the summers, they have access to the swimming pool too. After two weeks of boarding, we groom your pet before sending him home.

Daycare for your pet is also provided by Heal Your Paws. Feel free to send them over when you need a day off or your in-laws are visiting!! Grooming is another very important part of your pet’s life. Physical well-being is as important as psychological well-being for a healthy and happy life. We have professional groomers who not only just clean your pet, but also handle them with lots of love and care. We have hair stylists who can transform the look of your pet. We use organic shampoos and conditioners for grooming. They are eco-friendly and safe. Medicated ones are also available if needed.

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